What’s Happening: Sept. 27-October 5

What's Happening

September 27 – Darden Bynum and Anna Rendall are representing WCS in the Math Competition at the Fair.

September 28 – Mums, pansies, and pumpkins can be picked up after 1:30.

September 29 – Hunter Safety Class for anyone interested in being a part of the Shooting Team.

October 2 – Reggie Dabbs will be meeting with the 4th – 12th graders.

October 2 – Spelling Bee at the Wayne County Fair –  Jason Mirus, Lawson Adams, Melissa Alexander, Samantha Macklin, Natalie Rheingruber, Leeah Mills, and Emmanuel Newsome will represent their grade levels.

October 4 – K4 Grandparents’ Day

October 5 – K5-4th grade Grandparents’ Day

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