Traffic Pattern Changes During Week of April 10

During the week of April 10, the construction crew will be repaving the parking lot in front of the gym to put in a curb by the new building and level the parking area (no more lake Wayne Christian in the parking lot on rainy days!) Childcare families and others who have a need to be on campus during spring break should be aware of a change to the traffic pattern for the week. We will use the exit driveway to enter campus, as we will be unable to drive all the way across campus. Cones will be set up to mark lanes for two-way traffic.

Childcare Center

  1. Use the driveway at the New Hope Road stoplight to enter campus.
  2. Drive around the back of the childcare center to enter the childcare drive/parking area and drop off as normal.
  3. Exit the daycare parking lot from the exit drive. Make sure to look both ways for traffic and go to the right lane to approach the stop light. Left turns out of the parking lot onto Patetown Road may be difficult with the loss of the left-turn lane.

Mrs. Harrelson’s Students

  1. Use the driveway at the New Hope Road stoplight to enter campus.
  2. Drive around the back of the childcare center and make a left into the loop by the extended care and administrative buildings. Drop off in the extended care building.
  3. Exit from the loop as normal, but stay in the right lane to approach the stop light. Left turns out of the parking lot onto Patetown Road may be difficult with the loss of the left-turn lane.

Athletic Practices

  1. Use the driveway at the New Hope Road stoplight to enter campus.
  2. Drive around the back of the childcare center and park in front of the elementary building. You will have to walk to the athletic fields from there.
  3. To exit the parking lot, stay in the right lane to approach the stop light. Left turns out of the parking lot onto Patetown Road may be difficult with the loss of the left-turn lane.

It is our hope that the parking lot will be done and ready to use in our normal traffic pattern by the time we return to regular school hours on April 17.

WCS Announces New Intermediate School

Big news!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a special learning environment designed specifically for our rising 5th and 6th graders: the intermediate school.  It will allow our students to transition into upper grades in an environment that is neither elementary nor middle school.  Rising fifth and sixth-grade students will comprise the inaugural intermediate school at WCS!

As you know, we’ve seen growth in our student body and campus over the last few years, and plans made several years ago are coming to fruition. The new high school building is slated to be finished this summer. That means we will have space to spread out a little bit and move the fifth grade out of the elementary building and into their own building. Next school year, fifth and sixth grades will share a hallway and a fabulous team of teachers as they learn in an environment tailored to them. 

What to Expect

  • Changing classes similar to the way fifth grade currently changes classes between teachers
  • 15-minute recess/transition time in between classes
  • Teachers whose sweet spot is teaching intermediate-age students.  Our current fifth-grade teachers will be teaming up with some of our current middle school teachers to make up the intermediate school teaching team.
  • Art, music, and PE classes as part of their weekly class schedule
  • Additional elective classes that students/parents get to choose each year (options such as choir, drama, programming, and more!)
  • Daily reviews at the end of the day to help students plan for upcoming classes

What does this mean for middle school students?

Middle school will look much the same as it currently does, but it will be made up of only grades 7 and 8. With 5th and 6th grades sharing one hallway and team of teachers, 7th and 8th grades will share a different hallway and team of dedicated middle school teachers.

Alumni Profile: Reagan Hinton

Reagan Hinton, WCS Class of 2011

College Attended: Regent University School of Law

What have you been up to since graduating from WCS?

I graduated from Regent University with a JD in 2017 and from Pepperdine University with an LL.M in Dispute Resolution in 2018. I worked for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) before moving back to North Carolina and practicing law for several years. I recently moved to DC and joined the US Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer.

What is your favorite memory of WCS?

Our senior trip to Disney World. It was a great time with friends before we graduated and moved to different places for college.

Teacher Profile: Mark Gentry

Teacher Profile: Mark Gentry

Grade/Subject Taught: High School Science

Education: B.S. Biology, Mount Olive College (University of Mount Olive)

Home Church: Immanuel Baptist Church (Kinston, NC)

What do you love most about teaching/working at WCS?

What I love most about teaching at WCS is that God gives me opportunities to show off His character to people every day. Speaking about Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection is not only allowed but also encouraged in the workplace! It’s a place where I can be an encouragement and where I can find encouragement.

What is something you want your students to know when they join your class? 

My goal is to love God and love others in this pursuit of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Please be patient with me as I am a work in progress.

What do you want your students to remember/gain from having known you?

I want my students to know that they are loved.  I want the love of Christ to flow through me to my students.

Why are you passionate about your job?

God has given me an opportunity to have an impact on people every day as I work. I want to honor and glorify Him with the job that He has provided. It is exciting to have opportunities to positively impact others for Christ.

How do you incorporate a Biblical worldview into your classes?

We compare/contrast the Christian worldview and the naturalistic worldview as we look at different topics.

What are your hobbies?

Spending time with family and friends, Attending sporting events, and Kayaking

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I once fell off of the roof of the WCS elementary building.

What is a unique experience, talent, or interest that you bring to your classroom?

I attended WCS and graduated in 1991.  I can understand both sides of the classroom.

What is your goal as an educator?

My goal as an educator is to model Christ as I love, encourage and teach students.

New Day Camp Offerings During Winter Break

We are excited to offer new opportunities for our elementary and middle school students. We are offering day camps for some of the days during Christmas and New Year’s break. If you’d like to take advantage of these opportunities, they could provide a familiar place for your children to go when you have to be at work.

Here are the dates of the day camps:

  • Week of December 19-23, Monday – Friday
    • Times: Monday-Friday from 7:30 am-4:30 pm
      • Drop off in the gym no later than 9:00 am
    • Day camp leader: Mrs. Harrelson
    • Ages: Elementary & Middle School
    • Cost: $50/day, to be paid when you drop your child off
  • January 3rd-4th
    • Times: 7:30 am-4:30 pm
      • Drop off in the gym no later than 9:00 am
    • Day camp leader: Mr. and Mrs. Fox
    • Ages: Elementary & Middle School
    • Cost: $50/day, to be paid when you drop your child off
  • January 5th-6th
    • Part of the in-service extended care option
    • You must be registered for this through the finance office to participate

You do not have to register for the day camps on December 19-23 or January 3-4; these camps are open on a drop-in basis. Bring payment when you drop off your child. Your school account cannot be billed. Payment is due each day when you drop off your child.

Students attending day camp (and the in-service extended care days) should bring two snacks and lunch each day.

Meet our Bible Teachers

WCS is blessed to have an amazing Bible faculty on our campus. Let’s meet them:

David Sheldon (front left) teaches the honors Bible elective in high school. Pastor David is a graduate of WCS; he holds an MA in Biblical Studies from Piedmont International University and also serves as the youth pastor at Freedom Baptist Church.

Mark Stugelmeyer (front right) teaches middle school Bible. He holds a degree from Piedmont Bible College and has served in pastoral roles for 22 years prior to joining our faculty.

Billy Smith (back left) teaches 11th and 12th grade Bible. Mr. Smith is a graduate of WCS and holds a degree from Liberty University. He returned to WCS last school year after serving as a youth pastor in Graham, NC, for several years.

Dr. Joseph Thomas (back middle) teaches 9th and 10th grade Bible. He holds an MA in Theology and an MDiv from Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; he joined the faculty at WCS this school year after teaching at the collegiate level for several years.

Nate Deck (back right) teaches 6th-grade Bible. Mr. Deck has an MA in Biblical Exposition from Liberty University and served as a missionary in Germany and as a youth pastor here in North Carolina before joining the WCS faculty.

Request for Bids: Spirit Wear

The owner of the company that has supplied our PE uniforms and class t-shirts for many years retired a few weeks ago and closed his business. We are in need of a new vendor to provide spirit wear and other items for our school community.

We are requesting bids from screenprinting businesses to find a new vendor for these items. If you are interested in doing part or all of our spirit wear business, please submit a quote by Sunday, November 27, for consideration. Here are the three things we need:

  1. Spirit Wear
    1. Items: t-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies, shorts, sweatpants/joggers, jackets, etc.
    2. Specifications:
      • We want to be able to open the store at least quarterly for people to order. New designs will be needed basically every time we open the store.
      • The vendor needs to be able to run their own ordering site to collect orders, and all orders need to be packaged by order/student name for easy delivery to the student.  
      • Orders should be delivered to the school no later than two weeks after the order closes (i.e. if we open the store from September 1-14, then orders need to be delivered by September 30). 
    3. How many items: somewhere in the 300-350 range every time we open the store during the school year, and around 700 items over the summer to prepare for back to school
  2. Athletic Gear
    1. Items: t-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies
    2. Specifications:
      • We need a shirt design for every sports team (most of them will have an idea of what they want but will need help tweaking it).
      • The vendor needs to be able to run their own ordering site to collect orders instead of us keeping a list. We also need the ability for a straggler to add an order after the bulk order has been placed. 
      • Orders will take place at the beginning of every sports season (August, late October/early November, and late February/early March)
      • Quick turn-around with a one-week order window and a two-week delivery time. The additional orders for these shirts don’t have to be in a tight time frame.
    3. How many items: Varies by sport. We have 22 teams with various numbers of participants, and each sport’s order could be anywhere from 20-80 items. 
  3. Class T-shirts
    1. Items: t-shirts
    2. Specifications:
      • Quotes for one-color shirts printed on the front and back.
      • Every class will have a different design on the front (25 different designs), but all shirts will have the same design on the back. 
      • September-October
    3. How many items:  approximately 900 shirts (in sets of 25-60 of each design)

Contact Melissa Stephens at with any questions or to submit a quote.

Lunch Price Changes

Due to increased prices from our lunch partners, we need to raise the prices for some of our take-out lunches. We are doing everything we can to keep prices as low as possible. Here is our new price menu:

  • Chick-fil-a: $6.50
  • Bojangle’s: $6.50
  • Firehouse: $6.00
  • Hwy 55: $5.50
  • Quizno’s: $5.50
  • Pizza Inn: $5.50
  • Meals cooked in our cafeteria: $5.50

These prices will go into effect for orders for the week of October 3 (orders due on Tuesday, September 27). We will no longer be ordering extras from our takeout partners; we will order enough for students on the annual lunch plan and any students who pre-order the week ahead. If your student wants takeout meals on Tuesdays and Fridays, make sure to order your lunches the week beforehand, so we have an accurate count. You can order lunches weekly under the student menu on your FACTS Family portal.

If your student is on the annual lunch plan, your plan remains the same.

Youth Sports Opportunities: Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Cheerleading

The WCS Youth Sports Association is taking registration for fall soccer, flag football, and baseball.


Cost: $75/student per sport

More Information:

Community Baptist Church, one of our supporting churches, has co-ed youth sports leagues for volleyball and flag football.


Cost: $50/child or $100/family if 2 or more children

More Information:

Little Eagles is a cheerleading program here at WCS that provides the opportunity for our elementary students to get involved! Our goal is for our Little Eagles to learn the basics of cheerleading in a positive and spirited environment. We also hope to inspire them to help increase our school spirit at WCS football games. This program also allows our Varsity and JV cheerleading teams to serve others, as well as share their gifts and love of cheer.


Cost: $60/student

More Information: or

WCS Welcomes New Staff Members

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on

FROM: Luis Miranda, Principal

TO: WCS Family

RE: New staff hires

DATE: July 14, 2022

We have been busy planning and preparing for the upcoming school year. It brings me great pleasure to share with you our new faculty and staff joining our WCS family and update you on staffing changes.

New Hires

  • Stacy Myers, kindergarten teacher
  • Shanna Champion, kindergarten teacher
  • Kaylin Darden, first-grade teacher
  • Kaitlyn Plyer, middle school science teacher
  • Taylor Whitman, middle school math teacher
  • Mark Stugelmeyer, middle school Bible teacher
  • Cullen Jarmen, music teacher
  • Lynette Thomas, high school math teacher
  • Joe Thomas, high school Bible teacher
  • Ryan Helminiak, high school science teacher
  • Rich Denning, high school history teacher
  • Melissa Hughes, high school math teacher
  • Anna Whitman, development officer
  • Casey Chase, administrative intern

Staffing Changes

  • Mrs. Ryan is moving to first grade
  • Mrs. Musgrave is moving to second grade
  • Mrs. Darden is moving to third grade
  • Mrs. Britt is moving to fifth grade
  • Mrs. Newberry is moving to fifth grade
  • Mrs. Thomas is moving to an office support role 

We believe that these new members of our WCS family, combined with the experience of our returning faculty and staff, will lead us to a successful school year.