Planning for Their Futures

college fair

Each year, approximately 99% of WCS students will attend college after graduation. Many students will begin at a four-year college and others will begin at the community college.  During their time in the upper high school grades, students have several opportunities to explore the college options open to them.

On Monday morning, September 24th, Wayne Christian juniors and seniors anxiously awaited the arrival of the charter bus taking them to the College Fair at North Raleigh Christian Academy.  Thirty-nine students and several parents attended.  The fair featured thirty-eight colleges and universities. Students were tasked with the assignment of speaking with at least five of the representatives.

After returning home, students wrote papers detailing what they experienced as they visited with the college representatives.  They were to find the enrollment figures for the schools, what were the top five programs at the school, and other relevant information. In late November, seniors will also attend ‘Discover Wayne’ at Wayne Community College, where they will see first hand what the local college has to offer.

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