A Glimpse Inside the Elementary School

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During our recent Boosterthon, we started each morning by “huddling” together with all the students, watching our daily Mindspark video, and recognizing students. We gave out prizes and the students cheered for each other. It was so much fun.

I’m reminded of how good it feels to celebrate success and to encourage each other to do amazing things. If you didn’t already know, we have some amazing teachers at Wayne Christian School. I get the joy of working with a group of 14 elementary and middle school teachers. The next time you’re in the hallways, make sure to remind these teachers what an awesome job they are doing.

One of our teachers, Mrs. Darden, will be receiving a grant from NC Bright Ideas. This grant will be used to purchase Document Cameras for each of our kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms. Teachers will be able to use these cameras to project real-time directly to their Mimio boards. This will make it easier for teachers to demonstrate manipulatives and handouts.

I’m also really excited about the work that Mrs. Newberry is doing with middle school math. She is incorporating iPads in her math class. I had the chance to watch a group of sixth grade students recently answer math questions using an iPad and Mrs. Newberry was able to see their answers in real-time. It was great seeing these students get excited about math!

There is so much to celebrate so far, and I know that the next nine weeks of school will be even more exciting. Don’t forget that our Parent Teacher Fellowships are on Monday, October 29. This is a great time to connect with your child’s teacher.

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