Thank You!

cafeteria staff

November 2, 2018

I am sad … and I am happy … all at the same time. I am sad because Chris Verme will no longer be the cafeteria manager. I am happy because Chris has been afforded a great opportunity.  We wish you the best in this new endeavor.

Chris was one of the first to welcome me to campus.  His gentle, meek spirit made me feel right at home.  He’s modeled this Christ-like attitude for all of us.  The entire cafeteria staff are magnificent examples of servanthood.  I’ve observed and experienced their thoughtfulness, witnessed them praying for our students, and tasted their incredible lasagna!  Thanks for your leadership, Chris.

No need to worry, though.  Our cafeteria will still be in good hands.  All of the ladies will continue to serve, and Paris Verme will assume the responsibilities as manager.  They’ve already shared some great, new ideas for our cafeteria.  I can’t wait!

Thank you Virginia, Michelle, Maggie and Paris for all you do.

And, thank you Chris, for all you’ve done over the years.  But, most of all, thanks for showing Christ’s love to me from the moment I set foot on campus.

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