Developing a Biblical Worldview

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This week, Mr. Brenner, Mr. Vohringer, and I, have attended the Biblical Worldview Conference at the Creation Museum. We’ve had the opportunity to hear from some amazing speakers and we are all itching to get back to our school so that we can share all that we have learned. Here’s a small sample of some of the sessions:

  • What Makes Education Christian?
  • The Importance of Worldview in Education
  • Understanding Generation Z’s Worldview

The list of speakers is made up of men such as Glen Schultz, George Barna, and Ken Ham.

I’ve taken so many notes in the last two days.

But nothing has resonated more than what I heard Jeff Keaton share during our first session on Tuesday – the goal of Christian education is that our students come to know, love, and serve Jesus. Wow! Everything that has been said since Jeff made this statement has only added more clarity for me and has me pumped up about getting back to our teachers, students, and parents.

As Christian educators, our task is to lead our students to develop a Biblical worldview. As parents, our task is to lead our students to develop a Biblical worldview. As churches, our task is to lead our students to develop a Biblical worldview. Yet, George Barna shared, only seven-percent of all adults (18+) have a Biblical worldview – and this is why I’m so pumped – because we have a lot of work to do and the best thing is we get to do it together, as educators, parents, and churches.

I’ve shared a few nuggets with our elementary teachers over the last two days and I can’t wait to share more with them. I’m excited to see how we can begin implementing some of the ideas we’ve learned at this conference!

Luis Miranda, Elementary Principal

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