You know the saying “Not all super heroes wear capes.”  Well, I agree 100%.  We have two super heroes in our midst.
Mr. Jon Sheldon and Mr. Craig are superheroes.  They have been working tirelessly for the past three months to get our new network ready to handle all the new Chromebooks.
This summer, we upgraded our entire network with over $100,000 worth of equipment (including a fiber optic feed into the entire school).  Well, after Spectrum installed the new hardware, we ran into several issues with our firewall, routers and switches.  Mr. Sheldon worked with several different companies on a daily basis from the end of June all the way to Labor Day to identify the issues, resolve them and get our network up and running.
During this same time, Mr. Craig worked closely with Mr. Sheldon to resolve email issues so that we could assign Chromebooks to our students.
I am happy to announce that students will be receiving their Chromebooks this coming week!

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