Mrs. Darden reading to her class

By Lori Darden, second grade teacher

Has anyone ever handed you their business card and said, “call me if you have any questions”; and you think to yourself, “yea right.  She really doesn’t want me to call her” and you stuff their card in a drawer. That’s exactly what I did last spring after one of our in-service trainings with a Bob Jones Representative. 

Fast forward to August….the countdown is on. I had four days until my lesson plans were due and I had never taught six of the seven subjects using the new curriculum staring at me. Floundering and overwhelmed, the Lord told me to call Cindy at Bob Jones, and that’s exactly what I did.  At the time I called her, she was waking up in California yet she still talked to me for almost an hour! Our conversations didn’t stop that day and when there were questions she couldn’t answer, she forwarded my questions to another author. Together, the two of them have spent quite a bit of time with me on the phone, countless e-mails and most recently took the time to have a webinar with first and second grade teachers to answer any questions we had about our reading curriculum. Because of the gift of time these ladies have given me, I am no longer floundering and each day has a direction.

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