WCS Author in Residence

From Susan Ford, WCS Assistant Administrator of Curriculum and Advisement

Walk past Room 200, at the beginning of almost any period of the day, and you will quickly become enthralled as you listen to Mrs. Mays reading to her middle school Language Arts students. “Reading out loud to middle schoolers?”, you think? And yet, there completely absorbed and engaged, you will find 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students captivated as Mrs. Mays reads to her students for about 10 minutes each day.  The books she is reading this year are part of the Arby Jenkins series, by Sharon Hambrick. It is a BJU press series of novels.   

But little known to many WCS families, is the fact that Mrs. Mays is the author of two published novels of her own!!  Sarah holds a BA from Bob Jones University and a Master’s Degree from Liberty University. After teaching for 10 years, Sarah left the classroom for a few years to have her second child, to pursue her Master’s degree, and to write her first novel, Mirror Image. Soon after publishing novel two, Secret Past, Sarah returned to WCS.  While highly qualified as both a math and an English teacher, Mrs. Mays’ “sweet spot” is teaching English/Language Arts, to middle school students!

Sarah credits her high school Creative Writing teacher with encouraging her to one day write a novel, and that encouragement led to the books she has published to date! Both books are well written and hold the reader’s attention with a “can’t put it down” quality.  Using elements of drama, romance, and mystery, Mrs. Mays’ words pull readers deep into her stories. Her books are written from a Biblical worldview and are inspirational in nature. 

Mirror Image opens “When Detective James Hunter is sent to investigate an apparent drug overdose, he is overwhelmed with the feeling that there more to the young victim’s story…the young victim looks identical to his friend, Molly Blake.… As they seek to find answers to these questions, they uncover surprising secrets and gain insight into their own lives.” 

 Secret Past begins “when Molly Blake moves back to her hometown of Holly Hills and is unprepared for the surprises that await her. A stranger arrives in town with a claim that threatens to tear her family apart.” 

You can find both of Mrs. Mays’s novels on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions.  Find her books by clicking on the book titles above.

If you buy her books and stop by after school, I am sure she would be happy to autograph them for you!  We are so thankful to have Mrs. Sarah Mays on our WCS faculty!

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