The Corbett Family

Why did you choose WCS for your children?

Why did you choose WCS for your children? My three kids have been attending public schools since Kindergarten. Last year, we faced many challenges within the public school setting that left me wondering if there were better options for my children’s education. As a single parent, I knew that I wanted my kids in a structured Christian environment. However, I did not think it was possible until a friend recommended Wayne Christian!

What has been your favorite part of your experience at WCS?

The people! From the teachers to the principals, if I need anything or have any questions, they are available!   I can tell that the staff is motivated and passionate about what they do.  The teachers have created a loving and nurturing environment, which is reflected in my children’s attitude about school. I believe that the expectations that they set are clear and gives my children a standard to work toward. The staff has also taken the time to make the transition from in-classroom learning to remote learning as smooth as possible. We all know that this takes a lot of work and they have made it as easy, thanks to their hard work and dedication!! It is clear the staff at Wayne Christian is invested in the well being of our kids!

What would you share with other parents who are considering Christian education?

If you’re looking for an alternative to public school give Wayne Christian a try. The transition from a public school to a private school has been a breeze.  I know that my kids are getting a good education with a biblical worldview. All of my kids have adjusted well and they are happy at WCS! I am very impressed!

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