The Phillips Family

Why did you choose WCS for your children?

We love the fact that Wayne Christian is like a FAMILY.  We have been involved at Wayne Christian for 9 years now.  Our oldest, Wilder, is now in 4th grade and has been at Wayne Christian since he was in the 1 year old class at the Daycare Building.  North is now in Kindergarten and has also been at Wayne Christian since the 1 year old class.  Journey is in K4 at the Daycare Building, but will also be attending Kindergarten next year at “the BIG school”.  We love the Christian values the school helps to instill in our kids, above and beyond what we teach them at home.  

What has been your favorite part of your experience at WCS?

We love the teachers, they are caring and very involved. And they want the parents to also be involved.  We love how safe the campus is; we are never worried about our children once they are dropped off in the mornings.  We are kept informed of things happening on or around campus.  They offer extended care for parents who work and even have a Summer Camp.  Wayne Christian also has a wonderful sports program, so our children can be involved in sports but also get a Christian education.  We love when the kids recite their Bible verses to us.  We ask them on a daily basis “what did you learn at school today?” …Wilder being older will give us several things, but the 2 youngest will quickly tell us that they learned all about Jesus.  Makes our heart smile.  

What would you share with other parents who are considering Christian education?

If you want a school that teaches Chrstian values alongside you,  small classrooms, caring and loving teachers, that FAMILY FEEL, then Wayne Christian is for you.  We are very blessed and fortunate to call Wayne Christian home.  

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