The Parks Family

Why did you choose WCS for your children?

Being born and raised in Goldsboro, Wayne Christian School has always had a good reputation for providing an excellent, Christ-centered, education. When our daughter was born we knew we eventually wanted her at Wayne Christian, but decided while she was an infant that it would be best for her to stay with her grandparents. Due to an unexpected acute health issue with one of the grandparents, we found ourselves in a bind when she was 6 months old and we no longer had the option for her to stay home with grandparents. We knew that the only place we were comfortable and confident in was Wayne Christian, but we also knew there was a waitlist and our need was immediate. I will never forget deciding to go to the daycare that day on a hope and a prayer that they would have an opening somehow for our daughter. I was emotional and scared for the future. When I arrived I was able to meet with the director at the time, Martha O’Hara. She was a calming presence and I know that God put her in my path that day. Martha was amazingly able to make a spot for our daughter, and we became a part of the Wayne Christian family that next week. I don’t know if Martha realizes how grateful our family is for her! Fast forward to today, 9 years later, and our daughter has been blessed with an amazing teacher, Britney O’Hara. Britney is Martha’s daughter, and we have gotten the chance to know her over the years. That’s one of the things to love about WCS, it is like one big extended family!

What has been your favorite part of your experience at WCS?

We have so many favorite parts! A strong Bible-based curriculum that provides a top-notch education. The teachers, administrative team and entire faculty that truly feel like family to us. The friendships that we have built with other parents. The lifelong friendships that our daughter has built. The wide variety of sports programs. The open line of communication and transparency that is always consistent. The safety and security of the campus. The teacher to student ratios. The daily prayer that is led by Principal Miranda for the entire elementary school. We could continue the list! If we HAD to pick just one “experience” though, we would have to say Easter Chapel. Easter Chapel is an amazing thing that happens at WCS and it something special to be a part of.   

What would you share with other parents who are considering Christian education?

You simply cannot go wrong in providing your child with a strong Christian education and foundation at Wayne Christian School. It is by far one of the best decisions that we have ever made for our daughter. If you are looking for academic excellence, character development, quality teachers and staff, quality athletic programs, open communication and a sense of family, then look no farther! They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we are truly thankful that Wayne Christian School is a part of our village!

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