The Byrd Family

Why did you choose WCS for your children?

Before the children started kindergarten, my husband and I  discussed the different options for education.  My husband had taught in the public school system for 11 years and 3 of those years were in our local school that our children would be going to.  Things were just different.  It was not the same learning environment that we had experienced years ago, so we visited other schools.  When I walked into Wayne Christian I felt at home.  As we walked down the hallway, the principal spoke to each child by name and there was a true sense of home and safety as all of their belongings hung on the pegs outside the classroom.

What has been your favorite part of your experience at WCS?

My favorite part of Wayne Christian would be the teachers and the teacher, parent involvement together.  I have always wanted to be a part of my children’s lives (even when they don’t want me) and Wayne Christian encourages that and then helps to encourage independence as a child grows (for parents as well and the kids).  I feel like the teachers care for the children and want to help them learn in a Christian environment.

What would you share with other parents who are considering Christian education?

Academics has always been an important goal for our children, but I would have never guessed the growth that we would receive from WCS as Christians.  Of course there will always be good days and bad days, in anything, but I would, with all of my heart, recommend Wayne Christan to a new family that wants to belong to a larger family.  Wayne Christian has truly been a blessing for our family.

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