Annual Fund Challenge

What is the annual fund?

The annual fund is our annual fundraising goal to cover expenses and extras that are beyond the operating expenses covered by tuition. Just in the last two years, the annual fund has paid for things like:

  • Addition of smart boards for classrooms that did not have one
  • Upgrades to the wifi infrastructure on campus that supports updated technology in our classrooms
  • Roofing repairs on the extended care and administrative buildings
  • Purchase of new laptops for teachers
  • New LED lights all over campus (that cut our electricity bill by over $3000 per month)
  • Picnic tables for students to have outdoor seating at lunch time
  • New cafeteria tables
  • Addition of a weight room for athletes and PE classes

The Challenge

Raise $75,000 towards our annual fund before the end of 2020 to furnish state-of-the-art labs for our students to use for years to come

How can you help?

  1. Visit to see what you can purchase for the lab. Items in all price points are available.
  2. Consider the WCS annual fund and this project in your end-of-year giving. If you want to talk to somebody about end of year giving, contact Paul Brenner ( or Melissa Stephens (

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