Summer Workouts

WCS Athletics would like to announce Summer Workouts for middle school and high school students. The goal of these workouts is to improve the overall health and athletic abilities of each student through sports performance training with an emphasis on speed, strength, and wellness. We will be providing three separate sessions in order to provide appropriate programming for different categories of students. All rising middle school and high school students are welcome to participate. 

The MS Readiness Program will be available for all rising sixth through eighth grade students. This program will heavily rely on body weight movements in order to build foundational strength. Pushups, pull ups, jumps, and sprints are some of the exercises which will be utilized in the MS Readiness Program. This program will not have any loading of the spine, will focus primarily on technique to prepare them for high school training, and will provide injury prevention techniques.

High school students will have separate sessions for boys and girls. These sessions will also be sports performance training sessions that are available to any WCS high school student. Our goal for these sessions is to help students become healthier as they use weight training to improve their agility, speed, and strength. Safety during these sessions is our utmost priority. 

Each session will have multiple coaches instructing to ensure best practices are being followed. This will produce a high level of student performance in a safe environment. These workouts are not mandatory, but are highly recommended for students who want to improve their sports performance, and their overall health. 

Workouts will begin on Monday, June 7 and continue until August 12. 

All questions regarding Summer Workouts should be directed to Athletic Director, Tommy Fox: or Assistant Athletic Director/Lead Trainer, Daniel Pugh:

Go Eagles!

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