Freshman and Sophomore Class Trip

Freshman and Sophomore Parents,

It’s time to start planning for the annual spring trips! A few years ago, we began taking educational trips in the spring semester with all high school grades. Unfortunately, we were not able to go last year due to so many travel restrictions and places closed because of COVID. We are looking forward to the opportunity to resume our trips this spring.

This year, freshmen and sophomores will be going together, as we are able to lower the cost of the trip per person by taking a larger group of students. A specific itinerary will be given in the spring once details are finalized, but here is an overview of what will take place on the trip.

Destination: Cincinnati, OH/Kentucky

Date: Week of February 28-March 4

  • Monday: Travel and college visit, overnight stay near college campus (which college we will be visiting is yet to be determined)
  • Tuesday: Travel and visit to the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati
  • Wednesday: Creation Museum
  • Thursday: Ark Encounter
  • Friday: Travel home

Cost: ~$700 (The exact cost will be determined after we know how many students are going on the trip, but it should not exceed $700. Parents attending the trip will pay the same amount as the students.)

This trip is a curricular activity intended to supplement classroom instruction by providing a hands-on educational experience. Students who do not attend the class trip will be expected to attend school that week to complete virtual activities to complement the experience their classmates are receiving on the trip. Students not in attendance on the trip or at school will receive unexcused absences from school.

Please complete and return the below form to Mrs. Anderson no later than Friday, December 10. A $50 deposit is due at the same time for anybody attending the trip. 

Questions about the trip may be directed to Mrs. Anderson at

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