Order Spring Pictures

Wednesday, March 30, is spring picture day. We will be taking class photos of grades Kindergarten-8th grade, middle school and high school athletic photos, and cap and gown photos for kindergarteners and seniors.

Please see the order forms/instructions below for information on how to order your pictures.

Class Pictures

You may order your class picture ahead of time or within five days of March 30 for free shipping.

Athletic Pictures

If you want pictures of your athlete, it is very important that you order ahead of time. The photographer will only be taking individual photos of athletes who are on his pre-purchase list. Follow the instructions on the form below to place your order. Your student must show your online payment code to the photographer on picture day.

Cap and Gown Pictures

You will receive proofs and instructions for ordering a few weeks after cap and gown photos are taken. The form below tells you what packages are available to order when you get your order code.

Spring Portraits

Kindergarten-5th grade students will be taking spring portraits. Please follow the guidelines below for dressing your child for the pictures. You will receive proofs and information for ordering in a few weeks.

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