WCS Welcomes New Staff Members

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

FROM: Luis Miranda, Principal

TO: WCS Family

RE: New staff hires

DATE: July 14, 2022

We have been busy planning and preparing for the upcoming school year. It brings me great pleasure to share with you our new faculty and staff joining our WCS family and update you on staffing changes.

New Hires

  • Stacy Myers, kindergarten teacher
  • Shanna Champion, kindergarten teacher
  • Kaylin Darden, first-grade teacher
  • Kaitlyn Plyer, middle school science teacher
  • Taylor Whitman, middle school math teacher
  • Mark Stugelmeyer, middle school Bible teacher
  • Cullen Jarmen, music teacher
  • Lynette Thomas, high school math teacher
  • Joe Thomas, high school Bible teacher
  • Ryan Helminiak, high school science teacher
  • Rich Denning, high school history teacher
  • Melissa Hughes, high school math teacher
  • Anna Whitman, development officer
  • Casey Chase, administrative intern

Staffing Changes

  • Mrs. Ryan is moving to first grade
  • Mrs. Musgrave is moving to second grade
  • Mrs. Darden is moving to third grade
  • Mrs. Britt is moving to fifth grade
  • Mrs. Newberry is moving to fifth grade
  • Mrs. Thomas is moving to an office support role 

We believe that these new members of our WCS family, combined with the experience of our returning faculty and staff, will lead us to a successful school year.

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