WCS Announces New Intermediate School

Big news!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a special learning environment designed specifically for our rising 5th and 6th graders: the intermediate school.  It will allow our students to transition into upper grades in an environment that is neither elementary nor middle school.  Rising fifth and sixth-grade students will comprise the inaugural intermediate school at WCS!

As you know, we’ve seen growth in our student body and campus over the last few years, and plans made several years ago are coming to fruition. The new high school building is slated to be finished this summer. That means we will have space to spread out a little bit and move the fifth grade out of the elementary building and into their own building. Next school year, fifth and sixth grades will share a hallway and a fabulous team of teachers as they learn in an environment tailored to them. 

What to Expect

  • Changing classes similar to the way fifth grade currently changes classes between teachers
  • 15-minute recess/transition time in between classes
  • Teachers whose sweet spot is teaching intermediate-age students.  Our current fifth-grade teachers will be teaming up with some of our current middle school teachers to make up the intermediate school teaching team.
  • Art, music, and PE classes as part of their weekly class schedule
  • Additional elective classes that students/parents get to choose each year (options such as choir, drama, programming, and more!)
  • Daily reviews at the end of the day to help students plan for upcoming classes

What does this mean for middle school students?

Middle school will look much the same as it currently does, but it will be made up of only grades 7 and 8. With 5th and 6th grades sharing one hallway and team of teachers, 7th and 8th grades will share a different hallway and team of dedicated middle school teachers.

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