A Time of Worship


September 27, 2018

I had the privilege of worshiping with our elementary students this morning during Chapel.  What a blessing it was to listen to them praise the true and living God.  They were singing “In the Eye of the Storm,” the same song that they sang in the video that went viral right before Hurricane Florence.  (If you haven’t seen the video, you should take a look.  Over 3 million people viewed it on Facebook and it was picked up by media outlets around the country.)

While sitting there, I was reminded of why I love our school so much.  Mr. Miranda talked about the morning they sang the song in the hallway.  He said, “We prayed like we always do every morning, then we sang the song.”  It hit me right then … he said “we prayed like we do EVERY morning.”

What a privilege to pray together every morning!

It was fun to watch the video go viral a few weeks ago.  It was heartwarming to listen to people tell me about how they cried when they first watched it.  It was humbling to read the comments (almost 3000) from people across the globe.

God took something small, something ordinary, something we do every day–and blessed millions.  Amazing!

I think I got a glimpse of how the little boy felt in Matthew 14.  The little boy offered his lunch to Jesus, and Jesus fed 5,000 with it.  This month, our kids offered prayer and praise, and Jesus used it to feed millions!

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