Rear-view Mirror Perspective

Recently on my drive to school I was so amazed by what I was seeing in my rear-view mirror that I slowed down to take a couple of pictures.  The sun was just coming up, and the sky behind me was ablaze with glorious light.  The sky ahead was blue with new possibilities. 

Sometimes we need to look back at where we have been, as we get ready for the new possibilities that are before us.   I have been at Wayne Christian School for nearly 13 years.  In that time, I have watched God do some incredible things. But what of the years before 2007?   In 1987, several area pastors took brave steps and began a new school with a vision of what quality Christian education could look like. The land was purchased, buildings were built, and students arrived.  In the thirty–two years since that small beginning, God has blessed this campus through the sacrifices of parents, students, teachers, staff and board members.  From building the elementary in 1998, the building of the high school modular buildings in 2000, to the gym being built in 2002-2003, WCS has witnessed amazing miracles.   During the years since I moved to Goldsboro, Wayne Christian has seen God’s hand in the building of the new daycare building, the lights on the athletic fields, air conditioning in the gym, and many other blessings. All of these things have happened because God had a plan, people had a mind to work together, and sacrifices were made by many.

With a look back in the rear-mirror, we certainly rejoice in all that has been accomplished by those who came before us, and we look forward to the exciting changes that are to come in the next few years!  This week we learned of the new expansion plans for WCS, as Mr. Brenner shared with us the details for moving forward. Sometimes it is good to look back so we can look ahead!  Looking forward with anticipation,

Susan M. Ford 

Academic Dean

One thought on “Rear-view Mirror Perspective

  1. These 32 years have been sweet; enjoying God’s blessings and seeing Him work in lives of staff as well as students, May we rejoice as we see Him continue to grow us as a school and grow us spiritually. It is good to see next generations joining us as staff now. What”s ahead is in the eye of our Lord for our good. L. George

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