Divine Interruptions

Today there were “interruptions” to our day!  But what amazing “interruptions” they were.  At the end of homeroom this morning our entire school from K-5 to 12th grade all gathered in the gym for just a few minutes to celebrate our new head of school, Mr. Brenner. It was so much fun to rejoice with Mr. Brenner on his 50th birthday.  A few hours later we received word from one of our fellow ACSI schools that an 8th grade student at another Christian school was beyond critically ill and on life support. Mr. Brenner who was off campus emailed us and asked if we would corporately pray for this child.  Right after lunch we gathered in the gym for the second time this day – this time, to pray.  We only spent a few minutes, but we were reminded that we were praying for this young person because we could, and it could be any one of our children, or brothers or sisters–and if that were the case, we would want others to pray for our child.  Yes, there were “interruptions” to our day – but for one we rejoiced with our head of school and honored him, and for the other we wept and prayed for an 8th grader, who we do not know – but we prayed because there was a need and we could!  I pray that our students will always remember these divine interruptions!  Scripture admonishes us to “rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep”.  We did that today!  We are Wayne Christian!  

Susan M. Ford

Academic Dean 

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