Teaching the Next Generation

I wish you could have been there…… I wish you could have been in the classes where I have been this week and actually many times this year.  In each class I wish I could have stayed longer. In most cases the teachers had no idea I was stopping by – and yet there they were teaching the next generation amazing lessons about Bible, History, Literature, Spanish, Math, Science, and several other subjects!  I was not only impressed with the level of teaching taking place but at the dedication of our very qualified staff, which I am blessed to work with each day! There I witnessed technology being used and Biblical integration taking place.  It is my joy and honor to teach along-side these amazing professionals!  Ask your students what they learned today… today I listened to lessons about Queen Esther from Pastor Sheldon, the Napoleonic Wars with Mr. Vorhinger, an animal review with Mrs. Wood, a great geometry lesson with Miss Collier, a literature series with Mrs. Mays, a Spanish review with Mrs. Memmelaar, and watched Mrs. Kirby teach Algebra II students how to solve the problems they encountered on their homework.  #teachingthenextgeneration #beyondqualified

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