It’s Time for Spring Fling


About sixteen months ago, I met with the VIP group and we started talking about putting together an event that would bring our entire school community together. This group tossed around several ideas and ultimately settled on a date, April 6, 2019. We weren’t quite sure what we were going to do and we didn’t have a name yet, but we knew it had to have three things – food, fun, and family.

Over the next several months we put ideas into action. No idea was too big or too crazy. We eventually settled on a vendor fair that would attract members of our community, as well as our school. We then started to think about ways that we could include the whole family. We added a few bounce houses, someone knew a person with a dunking booth, we had folks that had food trucks, and before you knew it we had a fire truck, a helicopter, an armored SWAT Team vehicle, and Disney princesses.

It has been a joy to see these parents come together at the VIP meetings to plan this event. It’s been a small group, but they’ve worked really hard.

We read in Ecclesiastes – “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their toil.”

I am looking forward to the reward of our first event Spring Fling. I am looking forward to seeing our entire school community come together for a few hours to shop vendors, eat food, and have a fun time. I am also looking forward to what this event could become and what it could mean for our school in the future.

I hope to see you on Saturday at the Spring Fling.

Luis O. Miranda

Elementary Principal

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