Summer Reading

Summer Vacation is sooner than we think! Though your students will be taking a break from most things academic during the two months that they are off from school, it’s REALLY advisable to keep them reading. The best way to do this is to help them find something that they will enjoy. You might even read it yourself at the same time that they are reading, so you can enjoy it together, and have discussions about it as a family. We are sweetening the deal a little by rewarding them with a celebration breakfast in August if they choose to participate in our WCS summer reading program.

This year we are partnering with I55 Fundraising, a Christian organization that helps Christian schools make quality literature available to their students. You will be able to order directly from their website, using our school’s coupon code, WCS19, and have your order shipped directly to the school, with no shipping cost to you. The coupon code will also give our school credit for your purchase.

The requirements for our summer reading program this year are as follows:

  1. Read and journal on at least FIVE books of your choice. You must use the journal that we provide, answering the questions found in the journal about each book. We are making available to you the option of ordering from the I55 website, where you can be sure the quality and focus of the books is supportive of a Biblical Worldview. Use the code Deadline for purchasing books from I55 is April 15, to allow time for shipment and distribution prior to the last day of school in May.
  2. Turn in your completed journal to your language teacher during the first week of school in August.
  3. Celebrate with us at a special breakfast in the library to reward your efforts. We will schedule this sometime during the first month of school.

Feel free to contact me by email at if you have any questions, or to get a journal for your student to use.


Access Code: WCS19

Happy Reading!

Beverly Deck, WCS librarian

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