A Worship Experience

I experienced Easter Chapel at WCS for the first time. And, I struggled.

My small part was to open in prayer and invite everyone to enter into a time of worship. After I was done, I went and sat in the bleachers between Mrs. Darden’s 2nd graders and Mrs. Carr’s 1stgraders. The hard, plastic bleachers that didn’t have a backrest. I struggled to sit comfortably.

Our faculty and staff did a great job planning the service. The amount of work that went into producing an environment in which our school community could worship was incredible. Students were prepared, singers sang well, and the message that Christ had risen and death was defeated was clearly at the center of everything. As a member of the WCS family, I sat in amazement at the amount of energy that went into planning and producing the service. I was proud of our people. I struggled to worship.

I caught myself watching our people instead of worshipping. I watched the girls at the lighting controls, I watched students as they prepared to go up front. I watched our students on the stage. I struggled to worship because I was proud of what our people were doing.

And then it happened. The little guy sitting next to me began to sing Reckless Love with every ounce of his being. He was belting it out! Tears welled up in my eyes. I struggled to see anything through the tears.

Instead of being proud of our people, I was filled with thankfulness. I thanked Him for giving up His rightful place at the right hand of God so that I could be in a relationship with Him. I struggled to keep Mrs. Darden from seeing the tears run down my cheeks.

I thanked Him for loving our WCS family so much. I realized that all the planning, hard work and long hours was an outpouring of that love. The work they’d been doing was a response to His work in their lives. The work itself was an act of worship – a part of the very worship I was engaging in at that moment.

I thanked Him for bringing me to the WCS Family.

And, I thanked him for giving me the best seat in the house.

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