Campus Improvement Update

From moving classrooms to construction to prep work in the library, we’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished towards meeting our goals around campus this summer in the two weeks since classes ended. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Cleaned out the book rooms in both the middle school/high school building and the elementary building to update our curriculum. Teachers will attend a training on June 13 to learn how to utilize the supplemental materials that go with the BJU Press curriculum.

Many teachers are moving to new classrooms to accommodate the 6th grade move to the middle school building and the addition of new kindergarten and first grade classrooms. The football team, along with several parents in the VIP group, have been on campus helping move furniture and teachers’ belongings. Classrooms will be set up after the floors are cleaned later this summer.

Technicians from Spectrum have been on campus pulling fiber optic cable to upgrade the wireless internet available. The next step is to install new routers and WiFi hotspots around campus.

In addition to moving the elementary portion of the library to the elementary building, the library is getting updated software. Approximately 4,000 of the books in the library need new barcodes to work with this new software. Mrs. Deck and some volunteers are working diligently to put these new barcodes on before starting the move.

Construction has begun in the childcare center to convert the lunchroom into an additional Pre-K classroom.

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