Campus Improvement Updates

As the summer is drawing to a close, we are taking stock of all the improvements that have taken place around campus this summer. Here’s a brief update of what we’ve been up to:

The library is in transition. The former reading room in the elementary building is converting to become an elementary library. Mrs. Deck and many volunteers have been busy putting new barcodes on books to match our new library management software and packing books to move across campus. The upper school books will move into the front half of the library in the high school building, and the back half of the library has been converted into an additional classroom.

The library is currently scheduled to reopen at the end of August.

The multi-purpose room in the daycare building has been split into two rooms to accommodate an additional K4 class. Next year, we will be serving 54 preschool students.

Approximately $100,000 worth of new network equipment, wireless routers, and fiber optic cables have been installed around campus to beef up the infrastructure and support the new devices that we are introducing in the classroom this fall.

Chromebooks and tablets, along with new laptops for teachers, are scheduled to arrive next week.

Upper School building renovations:

  1. Painted the hallways
  2. Renovated the bathrooms
  3. Fixed leaks in the ceiling
  4. Made a new classroom from the back half of the library.
  5. Converted an office space into an additional classroom.

The Booster Club purchased an outdoor field sprayer to paint lines on the ball fields. This will greatly reduce the amount of time somebody has to spend lining fields before games. Thank you, Booster Club!

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