From the administrator’s office


RE: Organizational Changes

Date: 8/5/2019

From: Mr. Brenner

In an effort to better support the WCS faculty, the administrative team is undergoing some structural changes.  With better-defined roles, we feel that we can provide the curriculum and classroom support our teachers need to be the best teachers they can be as they educate the students that have been entrusted to our care.

The new administrative structure is as follows:

  1. Mr. Brenner is still the administrator and head of school. He will also be working as the interim athletic director until an athletic director is hired.
  2. Mr. Miranda’s new title is K-12 Principal and Assistant Director of Advancement. He will provide support for teachers at all levels, as well as work with admissions, development, and advancing the school’s mission.
  3. Mrs. Ford’s new title is Assistant Administrator of Curriculum and Advisement. She is tasked with developing a college/career advisement office, leading the accreditation team, and curriculum improvement. She is available for curriculum/lesson plan support for both elementary and upper school teachers and will be working closely with teachers on curriculum as we prepare for re-accreditation in the next few years.
  4. Mrs. Anderson is now the assistant principal for middle school and high school, as well as the activities coordinator.  She is available to help middle school and high school teachers with classroom/lesson plan support and will serve as the first level of discipline for upper school students who behave out of the classroom.
  5. Mr. Craig is coming to us from Texas, where he has served as a children’s pastor for the last five years. He holds a Master’s of Divinity in Christian Education from Southeastern Theological Seminary.  He will serve as the assistant principal for elementary and teach some high school Bible classes.
  6. Mrs. Burt is moving from the high school office to the administrative building. She will continue to work as the registrar and will take over the accounts receivable office. We are sad to see Kala Coates leave us next week.

Questions about these changes can be addressed to Mr. Brenner or Mr. Miranda.

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