Help the Art Room

Someone recently asked me how I was enjoying my new role and I had to pause and remember that my role changed slightly from last year when I was the elementary principal. This year I have the pleasure of being the k-12 principal and working with all of the students and all of the teachers. 
My role is not the only thing that has changed this year. One of the biggest changes this school year is how we have separated our art class. We are extremely blessed to have Mrs. Craig joining our staff and teaching middle school and high school art. Mrs. Stovall is doing an outstanding job teaching art to our elementary students. 
One of the challenges of separating the art classroom into two separate rooms is being able to have enough supplies in each room for the students to use. Mrs. Craig and Mrs. Stovall have put together an Amazon Wishlist of items that they need for their classroom. My hope is that our school family will come together to help these teachers stock their art classrooms for all of our students to benefit.

Mr. Miranda

Mrs. Craig –

Mrs. Stovall –

2 thoughts on “Help the Art Room

  1. Curious, if someone orders something, how does the next person know what has been ordered? I am willing to purchase some items … just didn’t want to double up what someone else did.

    Nicole Reynolds


    1. Thank you for your help, Nicole! If you select the Add to Cart button beside the item in the wishlist, Amazon will mark it as already purchased when you check out. People who look at the list after you make a purchase will see that the teacher already has that item. It works similar to a wedding or baby registry in that you can see what has already been purchased.


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