Subscribing to Calendars

As we are switching our email server over to the Google Suite for Education, we are also moving our school and athletic calendars to be maintained in our organizational G-Suite. Many of you have subscribed to our calendars to sync with your personal calendars, and those subscriptions will need to be updated. If you are interested in following our calendars, they can be found at:

School Calendar:

Athletic calendars:

To subscribe to a Google calendar:

1.Follow the link above to the calendar you want to follow.

2. Click on the +GoogleCalendar link at the bottom of the calendar.

3. You should be taken to a new window with a list of calendar options. For the school calendar, there is only one option to choose. For the athletic calendar, you can subscribe to every sport or choose just a few.

4. Select the calendars you want to follow and click on “add all” in the bottom right corner of the selection box.

The calendars you selected should now be added to your personal calendar and will sync across any device that has your personal Google calendar on it.

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