A Life of Faith

In our 10th grade Bible class, we have just finished studying the book of James. One of the key themes in the book of James is “Faith.” The Bible tells us that faith without works (or living for Jesus) cannot be called faith. Faith without works is dead, and a dead faith is worse than no faith at all. 

As we live out our faith in Jesus we will continue to grow closer to Him. One of the best ways we can grow is through prayer. Prayer is how we communicate with God. In Daniel 6, we learn that Daniel prayed continually and was faithful in his relationship with God (Daniel 6:10). We can also see the example that Jesus showed us when He prayed. Jesus was very close to His Father when He prayed. 

As followers of Jesus we should want to learn how to have the same close relationship with God that Jesus and Daniel did. When we have times that our faith is being tested or we are being treated unfairly because we believe in Jesus, we need to know that God is bigger than our problems. We can be like Daniel and refuse to look at circumstances and instead come to God for guidance and strength. When the lions are about to attack, trust in the Lord and He will help you. 

Living out a life of faith can be difficult at times. We can come across a lot of things that get in the way of our walk and these things can interrupt our relationship with the Lord. We must be able to approach God’s throne in prayer with confidence (Hebrews 4:16) and according to His will He hears us (1 John 5:14-15). 

God tells us that our faith must produce fruit; it must be visible. Verbal faith is not enough. Faith must inspire action. As God’s children we can show the world our faith in God by our actions. Are you living a life of faith? Can the people around you each day see a difference in your life from the world? 

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