Parent Update: July 23

It is our mission–as it always has been–to partner with parents in the education of your children from a Biblical worldview. This mission remains the same whether your children are physically present in the classroom or learning remotely from home.  If you have not already completed this survey about your intent to return to school, please take a minute to do so now. Knowing your thoughts on whether your children are returning to campus or not helps us as we continue making plans for the school year.

Healthy Environment Protocols

A healthy environment is essential in order to bring everyone on campus.  Here are some of the procedures we are putting in place:

  1. We will be asking everyone to ensure they are healthy upon arrival every morning, and make doubly certain with temperature checks in the mornings for students and employees.  
  2. We have doubled our cleaning bill to include several new services with High Standard Cleaning.
    1. Cleaning bathrooms throughout the day
    2. Nightly sanitizing in classrooms
    3. Twice-weekly electro-magnetic germ zapping
  3. We will ask everybody older than 3rd grade to wear masks when changing classes since social distancing is difficult while at lockers.

In addition, we are working on protocols for several different scenarios if somebody tests positive for the virus. Part of those protocols are for what remote learning will look like if we have to go to 100% remote learning for an extended period of time.

Remote Learning Details

We understand that our families have different needs. While we are going to be open for on-campus learning, we understand that some of you may choose to keep your children home and instead utilize remote learning. After a lengthy discussion, we have narrowed down what we are and are not able to offer for remote learning.

  1. Lesson plans for the week will be available on Monday mornings.
  2. Deadlines will be the same as in the classroom; grace will be given for extenuating circumstances, the same as it is for students in the classroom.
  3. Teachers will provide notes, links, supplemental videos, and other materials that are used in the classroom. We are still exploring the best way to get these materials to you and will let you know when we come to a decision on which platform to use.
  4. Due to privacy concerns, we cannot offer live feed video in our classrooms.
  5. Questions will be answered by teachers when they are available throughout the day. 
  6. Communicate with individual teachers if you need to schedule a time 

Lunch Time

We know that many of you have concerns about what lunch time will look like. We have purchased a dozen cafeteria tables for the gym and 6 picnic tables for outdoor eating, and we are working out the details of lunch happening in cafe B and the gym. 

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