Successful Youth Sports Soccer Season

By Jennifer Holley, WCS parent

It takes a lot of ingenuity, dedication, and creativity to construct a soccer league during a global pandemic. The Wayne Christian Youth Sports Association did just that this fall providing an opportunity for play, not only for WCS families but surrounding youth as well.  

“We have approximately 150 kids playing soccer, ages 3-14. Of those, about half are from different schools [non-WCS] or homeschool” reports WCYSA  President Travis Stigge.  “We wanted to have an opportunity to serve the community and open registration up to all kids regardless if they attended WCS.”

The vision was easy but hashing out the details was quite another feat. “Safety and being vigilant about the spread of Covid-19 is a top priority.  We encourage all our players to wear masks on the sidelines and social distance as much as possible. Coaches wear a mask at practice and games” reports Vice President of WCYSA Vice-President Lee Holley.

The overwhelming response also meant a need for volunteers for head coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers. “Thankfully, parents, teachers, and former coaches responded to meet the needs of our players and our community” Stigge states. 

“Coaching is very rewarding, especially when you can see improvement of a player over time and know in a small way you as a coach facilitated that growth,” said Frank Fryar, volunteer coach and secretary of WCYSA.  

The teams were mixed with players from schools all throughout Wayne County with some traveling from surrounding counties to participate. Players were grouped together based on their ages.  

Rosewood parent Vicki Lowery commented, “I appreciate Wayne Christian creating this opportunity for my children to play soccer, especially with virtual schooling and sports cancellations in 2020. They have enjoyed being part of a team again, and I like they are getting physical activity.”  

Although the season is drawing to a close now, the memories, character building, and refinement of soccer skills are the byproducts of all the efforts of the Youth Sports at WCS, volunteers throughout the community, and the hard work of each and every player.  WCYSA is currently exploring plans and ways to participate in winter sports.  For more information about Wayne Christian Youth Sports, check out the school website ( or the Facebook page Wayne Christian School Youth Sports.

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