Lunch Price Changes

Due to increased prices from our lunch partners, we need to raise the prices for some of our take-out lunches. We are doing everything we can to keep prices as low as possible. Here is our new price menu:

  • Chick-fil-a: $6.50
  • Bojangle’s: $6.50
  • Firehouse: $6.00
  • Hwy 55: $5.50
  • Quizno’s: $5.50
  • Pizza Inn: $5.50
  • Meals cooked in our cafeteria: $5.50

These prices will go into effect for orders for the week of October 3 (orders due on Tuesday, September 27). We will no longer be ordering extras from our takeout partners; we will order enough for students on the annual lunch plan and any students who pre-order the week ahead. If your student wants takeout meals on Tuesdays and Fridays, make sure to order your lunches the week beforehand, so we have an accurate count. You can order lunches weekly under the student menu on your FACTS Family portal.

If your student is on the annual lunch plan, your plan remains the same.

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