Request for Bids: Spirit Wear

The owner of the company that has supplied our PE uniforms and class t-shirts for many years retired a few weeks ago and closed his business. We are in need of a new vendor to provide spirit wear and other items for our school community.

We are requesting bids from screenprinting businesses to find a new vendor for these items. If you are interested in doing part or all of our spirit wear business, please submit a quote by Sunday, November 27, for consideration. Here are the three things we need:

  1. Spirit Wear
    1. Items: t-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies, shorts, sweatpants/joggers, jackets, etc.
    2. Specifications:
      • We want to be able to open the store at least quarterly for people to order. New designs will be needed basically every time we open the store.
      • The vendor needs to be able to run their own ordering site to collect orders, and all orders need to be packaged by order/student name for easy delivery to the student.  
      • Orders should be delivered to the school no later than two weeks after the order closes (i.e. if we open the store from September 1-14, then orders need to be delivered by September 30). 
    3. How many items: somewhere in the 300-350 range every time we open the store during the school year, and around 700 items over the summer to prepare for back to school
  2. Athletic Gear
    1. Items: t-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies
    2. Specifications:
      • We need a shirt design for every sports team (most of them will have an idea of what they want but will need help tweaking it).
      • The vendor needs to be able to run their own ordering site to collect orders instead of us keeping a list. We also need the ability for a straggler to add an order after the bulk order has been placed. 
      • Orders will take place at the beginning of every sports season (August, late October/early November, and late February/early March)
      • Quick turn-around with a one-week order window and a two-week delivery time. The additional orders for these shirts don’t have to be in a tight time frame.
    3. How many items: Varies by sport. We have 22 teams with various numbers of participants, and each sport’s order could be anywhere from 20-80 items. 
  3. Class T-shirts
    1. Items: t-shirts
    2. Specifications:
      • Quotes for one-color shirts printed on the front and back.
      • Every class will have a different design on the front (25 different designs), but all shirts will have the same design on the back. 
      • September-October
    3. How many items:  approximately 900 shirts (in sets of 25-60 of each design)

Contact Melissa Stephens at with any questions or to submit a quote.

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