Planning for Their Futures

Each year, approximately 99% of WCS students will attend college after graduation. Many students will begin at a four-year college and others will begin at the community college.  During their time in the upper high school grades, students have several opportunities to explore the college options open to them. On Monday morning, September 24th, WayneContinue reading “Planning for Their Futures”

Meet Ms. Lofton

Jessica Lofton, technology and computer teacher, is in her second year teaching at WCS. She previously spent 12 years in the public school systems in Wayne and Johnston Counties. Ms. Lofton holds numerous degrees: Masters of Education from Grand Canyon University, a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from Cameron University, a BS in Computer InformationContinue reading “Meet Ms. Lofton”

What’s Happening: Sept. 27-October 5

September 27 – Darden Bynum and Anna Rendall are representing WCS in the Math Competition at the Fair. September 28 – Mums, pansies, and pumpkins can be picked up after 1:30. September 29 – Hunter Safety Class for anyone interested in being a part of the Shooting Team. October 2 – Reggie Dabbs will beContinue reading “What’s Happening: Sept. 27-October 5”

Amazon Future Engineer

Wayne Christian School has been selected to participate in the Amazon Future Engineer Pathway, a program that will be offered this academic year in partnership with Amazon and Edhesive. In addition to an online course and programming curriculum materials, our students will have access to all of Amazon’s AWS Web Services for Education and training withContinue reading “Amazon Future Engineer”

In Preparation for Hurricane Florence

September 12, 2018 Tennessee doesn’t get hit by hurricanes, so this is new. I’m sitting at my desk. We’re closing school. Hurricane Florence will hit us within the next 48 hours. As I talk to folks about the impending storm, the ghost of Hurricane Matthew haunts everyone’s conversations.  Some here were without power for more thanContinue reading “In Preparation for Hurricane Florence”