Spaghetti Dinner

School is in full swing, and with that, I know that our schedules are full as well.  Your WCS Café would like to help you out!  LETTUCE COOK FOR YOU!!!!!  🙂

The WCS Cafe team will be selling spaghetti dinner plates for pickup on Wednesday, November 6th.  Plates are $7 each and include our delicious spaghetti, a yeast roll, and one of our amazing chocolate chip cookies.  We will also be selling a family style dinner that will feed 6.  The family style will include spaghetti for 6, 6 yeast rolls and 6 cookies for $30.

We will have a drive-thru pickup line in front of the gym for your convenience from 2:30-6pm so you can pick up dinner and your kids at the same place.  Please put the time on your order form that you will be picking up so we can better serve you. You can print the order form below and return to the school office with payment.

The proceeds from the dinners will help your WCS Café team give back to our local community.

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