A Special Time

Part of the senior class in the nativity at Christmas Chapel

From Shelly Anderson, assistant upper school principal

Why do we have a special chapel for Christmas?   Let me tell you why. For four years under the leadership of Dr. Shook, we were reminded weekly that our middle name is Christian.  Therefore why would we not celebrate our Lord and Savior’s birth? It is the time we as a school family can come together and join voices to sing of the birth of Christ.  

Each year we have different grades participate by singing a song, playing handbells, leading in worship, sharing the Christmas story, presenting the nativity.  What a way to share the gospel. There are several favorites that come to mind. The year that Pastor Bill Rose read to the K-5 students stands out in my mind. The students and teachers enjoyed the book The Night before Jesus Came.  Another year that is near and dear to my heart was my son’s senior year when he was Joseph in the Nativity. The year that I lead the handbells for second grade scared me. I was a nervous wreck because I had never lead bells. Thankfully,  I can count. I think the best laugh came from last year’s Christmas Chapel as the teachers acted out the Twelve Days of Christmas. Students and staff really didn’t know what to expect, but when the song started, so did the laughter. It was a great day.  Mr. McCary has lead traditional carols for years. The students love seeing his animated direction. For the past few years the praise band has done an outstanding job blending the traditional and contemporary style of songs. 

So, why do I love our Christmas Chapel?  I am reminded of what an awesome sacrifice was made for me.  The love that God has for each of us to send His Son to this sinful world to save sinners like me and you.  Yes, we talk about Jesus and His love for us daily, but it is different to celebrate His birth. Without His birth, we can’t get to the rest of His story.  This is a time that students and speakers get to share the gospel for those who may not attend church, but they will go see their kids and grandchildren perform.  We may never know the lives, hearts, that are changed due to these special chapels. My prayer for this Christmas season is that we all stop and remember the true meaning of Christmas.  I pray that we take the time to share the good news of Christ’s birth with someone by word or deed.  

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