Teaching a Biblical Worldview

All Truth is God’s Truth! We’ve all heard it.  Most of us have probably said it.  But, do we believe it?  I mean, truly believe it. According to Barna Research, most of us don’t.  Their research indicates that only 10% of the U.S. population has a Biblical Worldview. I had the opportunity to attend aContinue reading “Teaching a Biblical Worldview”

The best is yet to come!

We have an incredible amount of activity at school this week.  It gets me fired up to see so many students, teachers, coaches and parents working together!  We just finished up Spiritual Renewal Week with four great speakers, including Pastor Bill Rose, Pastor Jonathan Smith, Michael Hamm and apologist, Tyson James. Tuesday, we had threeContinue reading “The best is yet to come!”

In Preparation for Hurricane Florence

September 12, 2018 Tennessee doesn’t get hit by hurricanes, so this is new. I’m sitting at my desk. We’re closing school. Hurricane Florence will hit us within the next 48 hours. As I talk to folks about the impending storm, the ghost of Hurricane Matthew haunts everyone’s conversations.  Some here were without power for more thanContinue reading “In Preparation for Hurricane Florence”